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Helping Businesses Achieve Their Success

Marco Polo Advisory helps businesses become more successful through a wide range of services.

Are you a CEO, driven, ambitious, and committed to dramatically increase the profits of your business? Are you looking to restructure your business to achieve the exit you are looking for? Are you looking for a partner to help you get there faster easier? If so, contact us.

For the last 20 years Stefano Solferini, our Founder, has helped large listed and private businesses with co-investment, growth strategies and achieving their desired exit. He has worked with clients in sectors such as Financial Services, Infrastructure & Utilities, Technology, Property, Retailing, Industrial Companies and Services Industries.

His training at Accenture, Citi, UBS, JPMorgan in addition to his CEO roles in Private Equity and Fund management will give you an integrated solution to your problems in an efficient way. We have laser focus on delivering results.

We are not just management consultants. We are not just investment bankers. Like Marco Polo, we are adventurers with spirit and courage. We roll our sleeves up and get into the trenches with you. We have ourselves built businesses and provided advisory services on an international basis; We have taken risks; Raised capital; Built businesses internationally; Enjoyed the elation of great victories and the pain of facing adversity. We stay with you on your journey no matter the challenges, we will never give up where others will. We call it as we see it, without fuss or pomp.

We have walked the plank, alone. We understand the challenges business face when struggling to grow, enter new markets, raise much needed capital, streamlining operations and obtaining efficiencies, managing the demanding internal stakeholder and shareholder expectations; we know what you are going through, we understand what is needed, and we know how to find a way to make your business succeed.

We know most of the angles, and have lived through most of the milestones. We are more than an advisor. We are someone who understands the needs of your business.

We help solve the key problems of your business to make it successful. We provide independent advisory services at CEO level & management, These needs include: Dramatically improving profitability; Identifying and pursuing new business opportunities; Developing business plans; Raising capital; Building marketing and growth strategies; Cutting costs and creating efficiencies; Building a sellable business; Developing and executing exit plans.

We can help you grow internationally. We have the experience and track record to assist you in the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

With the right clients, the right plan, the right execution, and our team working with you, we have consistently delivered results.

About the Founder

Stefano Solferini


I have known Stefano as a fund manager, business builder and finance executive for 12 years. He is an excellent businessman with integrity, an international outlook, empathy and diligence. He combines entrepreneurship, private equity, fund management and investment banking skills to add significant value to companies.

Gordon Cairns
Chairman David Jones, Origin Energy, ex Director Westpac Bank, ex CEO Lion Nathan, Global Leadership Advisory Board McKinsey and Co, Senior Advisor Greenhill Australia


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